Our Brand Name Change

As many of you might have already noticed, our brand name has been changed including our domain name. We were “Online List Cleaner (OLC)” before and now we are “Email Verifier (EV)”. You may ask why such a drastic change after we’ve settled in this business for a while. Well, we did it purely for SEO purposes.

People found it hard to reach out to us or even know of our existence because of our brand name. It was somewhat irrelevant for them and not targeting enough.

So after a long battle and some head cracking, we ended up making that difficult decision to switch our brand name and domain name. Our domain name is now www.emailverifierapp.com and all the traffic going into our old domain name is now redirected to this new website. Don’t worry, there isn’t going to be another change ever again. That’s for sure!

We hope it didn’t get you by surprise and we really hope you all like the brand name change. Its for the best and it will help us keep up in our industry and serve great customers and dish out amazing software.

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