How to Use Guest Blogging for Creating your Email List?

A few Google searches will tell you that there is a plethora of website accepting guest bloggers in your niche. Guest blogging is a great way to advertise your brand and drive traffic to the website. Many websites do not explicitly advertise about accepting guest posts, but you can definitely request the owner of the website for posting a gig. Apart from getting acquainted with the readers, you need to drive the network traffic towards your website and grow your email marketing list. However, remember to clean the marketing list using email address verification to remove readers who are uninterested in your marketing campaign. Here are a few tips to use guest blogging to create an authentic email list.


Think about the topic to write

Never rush in writing articles or blog posts for the website you are doing a guest post. Research thoroughly about the readers of the website and craft content based upon the requirement of the readers. Take some time and read the previous guest posts to understand the taste, style and tone of your readers. Remember to thoroughly read the comment box and understand the type of content loved by the readers. Spend few hours on browsing and understanding the target audience to entice the readers to sign up for your email marketing list. However, remember to use email verifier to ensure only genuine readers are a part of your marketing campaign. A little effort from your end will create a fantastic article and build a strong email list.

Interact with people leaving comments

When you receive comments from people, especially a question on a relevant topic or when customers seek more information about the article, you need to interact and politely answer all the queries. When people understand that you know the subject matter really well, you will automatically build a strong customer base. Include the URL of your blog in every comment because readers are more likely to click the link as well.

Email validation will help you maintain the marketing list, you have created using guest blogging.