How to Use Email to Acquire New Customers in Ecommerce?

Finding new prospects for your ecommerce business can be extremely challenging because of stiff competition in the market. A steady and constant stream of customers is essential to grow the business and ensure that you’re never in dearth of potential customers. However, building a strong email list is essential for any business using email marketing. Your email list is the foundation of your marketing campaign and it’s necessary to maintain it as more than half of the list decays every year. Focus on using email address verification to keep it clean. Here are a few ways to build your list and acquire new customers.

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Optimize your marketing funnel

Before attempting to entice the readers, improve your internal processes to convert the prospects into long term customers. Conversion rate largely depends upon the marketing channel, offers, time of the year and the efforts you put in to attract the customers. Use tools and tactics within your marketing funnel to improve the conversion rate. You can segment the readers based on their behavior and apply a different message and call-to-action to that particular behavior. Based upon what the prospects click, send a follow-up message to keep them engaged. Undoubtedly, crafting individual content for every reader is time consuming, but it will definitely convert more prospects.

Licensing an email list

Many marketers fear that renting or licensing a list will lead to failure as it comprises of many spam bots and spam traps. However, you need to find a reputable service provider before you plan to purchase a list from any third party vendor. Additionally, you need to understand that reaching out to prospects through an email list is much different from sending messages to your own mailing list. Subscribers of such mailing list have not willingly agreed to receive communication from your end. And, the chances of filtering the messages as spam is high. Therefore, send a confirmation message before sending promotional items to such readers. However, remember to clean a licensed list using email verifier.

Use email validation on a regular basis to connect with the potential clients.