How to Grow your Dealership Email List?

Similar to other niches and brands, auto dealers cannot survive today without the digital engagement. Striking a right mix of balance between the offline stores and online email marketing process is essential to your dealership business. Email marketing comes in handy because email is the fastest means of communication and whether a person is on a holiday or in the office, checking their email messages is a common affair. Buying a car is a big decision and people usually carry out an extensive online research before finalizing the deal. As an auto-dealer, maintaining a clean email list using email address verification is essential because only then you can connect easily with the prospects and engage them. Here are a few ways to grow your dealership email list.


Exclusive deals

When a new customer signs up for the newsletter- they are likely in the shopping mindset. If you offer exclusive sales and discounts to the new subscribers, they will not only like your messages, but are more likely to make a purchase. Send deals exclusively to the customers via an email. Remember to send time sensitive deals as customers are more likely to take an action before the deal expires. And, for customers who have already made a purchase, send exclusive service deals as a car require frequent services to function properly. Once the exclusive deals are liked by the readers, they are more likely to spread the information to their friends and family members. The mailing list will only comprise of subscribers who are genuinely interested in the marketing campaign.

Offer customer support

Customers looking to purchase a car are always looking for the next level of personalization. Traditional dealers are well-aware of this fact and therefore sell their services before selling a car to the customers. Building a personal rapport with the client will help you land in the good books of the subscribers. However, when sending email messages, personal touch can fade. Therefore, you can offer live chat option to the readers.

Remember to the clean the mailing list you build using an email verifier and see the difference in the result.