How Stuffed Toys Companies can Benefit From Email Validation?

With the growing number of animation movies, the demand of stuffed toys has seen a surge. Whether it is the Disney princesses or the power rangers, the kids are demanding a stuff toy of their favorite cartoon character. And, there is no better way than email marketing to sell these toys to the intended target audience. The stuffed are soft, cute and adorable because of which not only the kids, but even elders are attracted to buy. Sending newsletters containing information about the latest stuff toy in store will help you increase the revenue and ensure that you build a loyal user base of customers. However, if email address validation is used with email marketing, the results will be far better. Here are a few ways, email validation will help you reach out to the recipients.


Keeps the mailing list clean

Mailing list full of inactive and dormant email addresses is a threat not only to the email marketing campaign, but also to the business. Continuously triggering emails to such addresses will lead to permanent blocking by the ISP and you will never be able to communicate to the customers. Additionally, the presence of such addresses reduces the open rates, click-through rate and decreases the marketing statistics, which is not good for any business because building the reputation again is difficult in the email marketing world. Therefore, it is essential to use email verifier to clean the mailing list on a regular basis. This is a requisite, especially if the mailing list is purchased from a third party vendor. Such mailing list comprises of a plethora of bad email addresses, which can lower the email marketing campaign.

Connects with the real prospects

Sending emails to customers who are not interested in the marketing campaign is of no use because you will be wasting your hard earned money. However, when the mailing list is cleaned, you connect with real time customers, who can become long-term loyal customers if the marketing is done is the appropriate way. Additionally, the sales and word-of-mouth publicity of the business is enhanced as interested customers usually have a tendency to spread out a word about a service or product they like.