How Startups can Grow their Email Marketing List?

Time and again the question whether email marketing is dead or not, comes in the mind of marketers, while so many say yes. Yet it is one of the most effective marketing platform to speak directly to your target audience. As a startup, your priority should be on building an authentic marketing list because without genuine email addresses, you can never get the traction required for a new product launch. A high quality list encourages footfall in the offline store and visitors on the website. However, before sending messages to your list, ensure that your list is cleaned using email address verification. Here are a few strategies to grow your email list.


Ask people to join

A lot of startups are scared to ask their target audience to join the marketing campaign. They are nervous and terrified about spamming the inbox without realizing that loyal customers wants to hear from the brand on a regular basis. Nurturing relationships hold the key in determining the success and failure of a marketing campaign. It’s best to attach a small message at the end of every communication asking them to join, the worst your readers can do is ignoring the message. Unless you try, you will never succeed in creating an email list, which is verified using email verifier.

Place the opt-in form where it cannot be missed

Your opt-in form is your sole armour and one of the most prominent feature on your site. It should be visible on every page near to the sidebar, to gain maximum reader’s attention. Use catchy headlines and light colors in the opt-in form and place it in a lightbox. Placing the opt-in form at the bottom of every page will never serve the purpose because a majority of visitors does not take the pain of scrolling down. Place it in a place where it’s impossible to miss.

Remember, the quality of your marketing list is crucial, many startups are obsessed with a large email list with no customer interest. Cull your list of inactive subscribers using email validation on a regular basis.