How Small Businesses can Build their Email Marketing List?

Email is the top-rated marketing platform for customer retention and nurturing long term relationships. It is helpful in every phase of the customer lifecycle and an email list is more than as an asset. Your list is worth more than the total number of followers on social media platforms. No one actually owns their company’s Facebook account, as Facebook can shut it down anytime. Moreover, with an email list, you can effectively communicate directly with readers. Building an authentic list requires low cost and you can send messages to the readers. However, remember to clean the marketing list regularly using email address verification. Here are a few ways a small business can build an authentic mailing list.


Embed the opt-in form

The concept is very simple, instead of asking the customers to click through a new page, embed the opt-in form in the website whenever you want to readers to join your newsletter. You will automatically see a twice as many sign-up that the conventional opt-in forms. Additionally, focus on adding an opt-in box on every page because you never know when your readers feel like joining your newsletter. You can either place the form on the top of the vertical column or the footer. Focus on new ways of attracting the attention of the potential readers to build a strong marketing list. However, always clean it list using email verifier.

Use an app to get signup

Are you still using the print out sheet to get the email address of the readers? It’s a good start, but according to a research more than 20% of the email addresses are lost because of bad handwriting of the customers. Use a signup app that runs either on a tablet or mobile device. Offer a sign-up bonus either before or after checkout via the tablet or mobile app. Your readers are more get engaged and join your list through mobile apps. Additionally, it will reduce the chances of errors.

Creating a strong email list is an art in itself and you need to think about creative ways to attract the prospects. However, clean the list on a regular basis using email validation.