How Retailers can Grow their Email List?

Are you looking for ways to increase your email list? As a retailer, finding loyal customers is essential as it will ensure a constant flow of revenue. Your growth depends upon the good decision that you take for your business, which includes allocating proper budget for acquiring customers. Unfortunately, many marketers forget the importance of customer acquisition and spend heavily on advertising their business to the next level. Without a strong email list reaching the target audience is next to impossible. Therefore, regularly clean the list using an email list cleaning software to connect with the target audience. As a retailer, here are a few ways of building a marketing list.


Host an event

Today, events are the greatest way to attract the customers to your business. With small events you can ask the subscribers to join your newsletter and offer them exciting offers. If you sell furniture, display your inventory during the event and offer 10% discount to everyone who share their email address. This way customers who want to buy a furniture are likely to join your newsletter to avail the benefits. If you are a restaurant owner, you can ask the readers to taste some of their best dishes to understand what to expect from the restaurant. Put a fish bowl and collect different business cards to grow an authentic email list. However, validate email to reach your audience.

Incentivize your staff

If you have employees, ask them to collect email addresses on your behalf and provide incentive for every 10 genuine emails they collect. Furthermore, offer a large cash reward to employees who offer the most verifiable email addresses. Incentives will encourage the employees to put in extra efforts to build your email list. Keep a track of your email list, especially email addresses that are given by the employees.

Conduct a survey

Hold a survey about something relevant to your retail business on a website. At the end of the survey ask the readers to give their email address. Surveys will help you connect with the readers and you will understand their requirements.

However, focus on using email verification on a regular basis.