How Restaurants Should Clean their Email List?

Time and again, you have heard about the importance of email marketing, but the platform has its own quirks. From changing the email address of the customers to changing ISP regulation, marketers find it difficult to reach the target customers. Email delivery is a completely fickle beast, which reduces if the email list is not kept up-to-date. As a restaurant owner, you need to regularly scrub the email list using an email list cleaning software to keep in touch with diners who want to hear from your brand. You need to understand that your list has a shelf life if you don’t properly maintain it. Here are a few ways of cleaning your email list.


Delete customers who are inactive for six months

Would you like to talk to someone who is ignoring you for the past six months? You will definitely not talk, then why do you give importance to people who are ignoring the messages. When customers don’t open the email for six months, they’re less likely to open in the near future. And, after six months, it’s completely safe to go ahead, otherwise, you will waste your time on people who will never make a purchase. Furthermore, such customers will drastically affect your deliverability rate and reduce the marketing statistics. Focus on scrubbing the list using email address validation to reach the target customers.

Send a ‘miss you’ messages to customers

While you need to ignore customers who are inactive for six months, you need to care about people who are yet to hit the six month mark. Try making an effort to send a ‘miss you’ message with an irresistible offer. You need to entice and remind the customers why they joined your newsletter. Focus on personalizing the ‘miss you’ messages to get back in the good books of the readers.

Never neglect list hygiene

Your email list is not something that you can easily forget about. Ask questions when you need to ask and clean the list when you see a downfall in the marketing statistics. Ignorance is definitely not a bliss when it comes to list hygiene.

Focus on cleaning your restaurant list using email verifier.