How Restaurants Can Build an Email List?

Just like food hygiene, email list hygiene should be a priority for restaurants looking to build a strong email customer base. When the bounce rate and spam complaint rate cross a certain threshold, your messages reach the spam folder of the customer. Therefore, a list comprising of fresh and unique email addresses will help you sail to the shore. For restaurants, email list is mandatory because it helps engaging the customers and ensure repeat visits. You can easily send offers, information about the dishes and anything new that is coming up in your restaurant. However, clean the email list every six months using email list cleaning software. Here are a few reasons how you can build an email list.


Use your free Wi-Fi to build your list

Putting a barrier that requires the customers to share their email address isn’t a new concept. Big companies are doing it to build a strong list. As a restaurant, you can use the same tactic to increase the customer base. Tell the customer about the free Wi-Fi through your menu card and going by the tremendous usage of the digital platforms, your customers are likely to access the free internet.  Additionally, it will help them share pictures of their dining experience on social media. However, many times customers give wrong or outdated email address just to access the free internet. To prevent such things from happening, you need to clean validate email.

Target readers who are about to leave your website

As the customer is about to press the escape or close button, offer a free dish or discount to them. Exit opt-ins will work for your restaurant business. A customer is on your website because they have probably liked something about your fine dining. You need to leverage this and turn the visitor into a loyal customer. Whenever a customer shows an exit intent, focus on offering discounts.

Build list while collecting feedback

Kill two birds with one stone. Ask feedback from the readers and provide a column wherein the customer has to fill their email address. It will help you build a strong email marketing list.

However, clean the list regularly using email address verifier.