How Real Estate Companies Can Benefit from Email Validation?

Buying a dream house is a dream which a majority of customers want to fulfill. And, searching for one such house is a tedious job. A real estate company will help you achieve the goal successfully as they have information about thousands of property satisfying your requirement. The customer base of real estate companies varies from big industry tycoons to small families. The need for email validation increases because the requirement of every segment is different. And, if you send an email to a small house owner about the new office space available, he/she is surely going to mark the email as spam. Additionally, the mailing list might be full of inactive and dormant customers who should be removed using verify email as they can lead to hard bounces. A hard bounce is considered deteriorating for the sender’s reputation and can easily bring down any email marketing campaign. Apart from email address verification, you can follow the given steps to ensure that only relevant email are triggered to the customers.


1. Segment the mailing list

Segmenting the mailing list will help you differentiate the requirement of each and every customer. It would be advisable to segment the list based on their income level and demographics. Income level plays a major role in the real estate business because based upon the customer’s income, the property type can be determined. When customers start receiving relevant emails, the chances of hard bounces and high spam rates becomes negligible. You can segment the customers based on their profession as well because people with different work culture have a different style when it comes to buying or renting a home.

2. Understand the customer lifecycle

Customer lifecycle has become an essential part of an email marketing campaign because it maps the different stages through which a customer passes when ordering or purchasing. It’s a key part of the CRM system and if you can use the concept in email marketing, you are going to touch the sky and the spam rates will reduce drastically.