How Plumbing Companies can Benefit from Email Validation

Small local businesses are often intimated when it comes to trying out different marketing tactics to reach the intended target audience in an effective and easy way. And, the task is further made difficult because of the corporate houses offering extremely low prices for the same services. Enticing the customers becomes extremely difficult. Under such a scenario, email marketing will surely help you build a large customer base. As a local business, you can penetrate the market more effectively than any other business form. You need to effectively market your services using email marketing and use email address verification to ensure only genuine customers are a part.

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How are you acquiring the customer?

If you are using legitimate ways of acquiring potential customers, the marketing campaign will automatically become successful. However, if you are purchasing a list, the dream of a successful campaign is far. A purchased or rented list is full of invalid and dormant addresses. Additionally, you will find a lot of spam traps on the mailing list. If emails are triggered to such email addresses, it will only lead to hard bounces. And, hard bounces are considered the worst in any marketing campaign. Therefore, successfully scrubbing the mailing list to ensure that only genuine customers and email addresses are a part is extremely important. Verify email and email address verification are to two tools which will come handy in the process. Regularly clean the mailing list and reach success in the marketing campaign. Additionally, the sender’s score reduces whenever a hard bounce occurs. Therefore, it is essential to eliminate such notorious addresses completely from the mailing list.

Are you monitoring the campaign?

To understand the effectiveness of email validation, monitoring the email marketing campaign is extremely essential. If the spam rate and bounce rate are still high, you need to change the list cleaning vendor because the mailing addresses are not being scrubbed properly and as intended. Therefore, on a weekly basis, analyze and monitor the campaign. Additionally, modify the content because the customer may not be liking the content leading to a high spam rate.