How Pharmaceutical Stores Can Benefit from Email Validation?

With the changing lifestyle of youths and with late working hours of the multinational companies, it’s the health, which gets deteriorated and is often overlooked. In today’s fast paced world, diseases have become an extremely common affair and people are highly dependent upon the pharmaceutical store to deliver medicines according to their aliment. A pharmaceutical drug store can benefit from both email marketing and email address verification because email is the perfect way to send the message across to the target audience. People today, check their phones while watching TV, when in the bathroom and even during their sleep. Target the older crowd (above 55 years) because they regularly need medication. Here are a few tips of enticing customers and ensuring your messages land in the inbox.



Offer discounts

Discounts on medicine will definitely be loved by the readers because of super costly medicines. A mere discount of 5-10% is sure to increase the mailing list and the customer base. Additionally, the word of mouth publicity regarding the discount on all medicines will spread like a jungle fire among the people in need. When you have a loyal base of customers, you position your pharmacy as a premier and customer-service oriented store. Offer the best prices and your email marketing list will grow every day. However, remember to clean the list using verify email on a regular basis because a plethora of users may be one time customers and will probably never return to your pharmaceutical store. Sending email communication to such customers is waste as all the messages will go unread. Give importance to customers who are regular and focus on increasing the percentage of repeat customers every quarter.

Health check-up camps

Once in a while in collaboration with a hospital organize a health check-up camp for the older customer group. Health camps are a great way to attract the attention of the customers and build a loyal user base. Offer some free services for people who cannot afford costly medication. Your goodwill and reputation will automatically help you acquire new customers and retain the existing users.