How Mattress Companies can Benefit from Email Validation?

A sound sleep is all everyone wants after a hectic and extremely tiring day at the office. Nothing should impact the 8-9 hours of quality sleep, which is necessary to stay healthy and remain lively the next day. And, mattress shopping is not done regularly, which makes it even more essential to carry out the marketing campaign effectively. Email marketing is the appropriate way to connect to the intended audience in the most cost-effective manner. The backbone of this form of marketing today is email validation. Email validation has grown since its inception and continues to grow and deliver results for a plethora of email marketers across the world.


1. Newsletter alone will not suffice

What is the use of pointlessly sending email newsletters to customers when you know that they are not being read at all? You are wasting your hard-earned money and efforts on the futile process, which is never going to yield the desired results. The mixture of email marketing with email address verification will surely help you increase sale and enhance the engagement rate with the customers. The list cleaning will remove the invalid and dormant emails allowing you to interact with customers who are genuinely interested in the offering. Therefore, next time before triggering a newsletter, ensure that the list is sparkling clean and you are sending the newsletters only to the interested customers.

2. Think out of the box

Promote the mattresses by exemplifying the benefits of every type of mattress you offer. You can even send genuine tips to the customer on maintaining and cleaning the mattress to increase the life. Send email offers, run promotional contest and makes sound in every possible way. Again, keep in mind to send the promotional emails to customers who have subscribed to the newsletter. If the spam rate increase the whole marketing campaign will come to stand-still and increasing the sender’s reputation will become even more difficult.

List cleaning is a boon for companies who have a high spam rate and low deliverability rate. Today, any marketing campaign is incomplete without.