How Local Gift Shops Can Benefit from Email Validation?

As a local gift shop owner, it will be frustrating when the sales are down and the foot traffic is less than expectations. You will probably try to give away items at discount to attract customers or seek the guidance of a veteran in this field. You might find a slight increase the sale amount, but it will not last for a long time because you cannot keep on selling items o discount throughout the year. You will lose your brand image and customers will prefer staying from your gift shop. A local gift shop can benefit from email marketing and it will help you convert prospects into customers. Here are a few ways how email validation will help your business reach the sky.


Collect email addresses at the point of sale

If the quality and durability of the gift items are good, the probability of the customer making a purchase is extremely high. You can collect the email addresses of the customers in your shop and send information pertaining to discounts, email only offers and new products. Such a method of customer acquisition will help you acquire loyal customers. Additionally, you can use verify email to check the email addresses, to avoid spam complaints and hard bounces. Online complaints regarding emails are considered as important by the ISPs and the sender’s reputation is deteriorated. Therefore, ensure to use email address verification on a regular basis.

Provide free information

If you have started a business, you definitely know it more than the customers. Sharing some of the useful information will the customers will help you connect with a plethora of customers. You can share articles on the gifts becoming popular during a particular season or you can suggest gifts to your customers for every occasion. This way customers will be enticed and you will able to portray your catalogue to the customers in a different way. And, ask the email addresses of the customers who want to read the free information.

Last, but not the least, catch hold of friends of your customers as word-of-mouth publicity will help the local business grows rapidly.