How Game Development Companies can Benefit from Email Validation

With the onset of Smartphones, tablets and laptops there has been a tremendous surge in the number of games developed for both Android and iOS platforms. Game development companies spend a lot of time to come out with a creative and captivating game, but when the release time comes many companies do not know how to get their game noticed. This is no magic because the best games today are the ones which were marketed and presented well to the target audience. Here are a few ways how email validation will help your game go viral with the customers.


Engage the audience

Send emails to the customers describing about your game and its features. The more interesting content you send to the customer, the higher will be the engagement rate. You need to understand that customers are hungry for quality and interesting content. Build a story, send a sample video to the customers, and use concept art to attract the customers. Once the customers like the game, they are sure to spread a word about it. This is how CANDY CRUSH became a viral game around the world. Along with engagement rate, focus on the spam complaint rate because a plethora of customers will be flagging your messages as spam because they are not interested in games. Therefore, use email verifier before every marketing campaign and ensure the content reaches only interested gamers.

Polish the game

Email marketing and email address verification is no golden bullet, and can backfire if the game is terrible and not up to the hype you have generated around it. Therefore, you need to polish the game on a regular basis and good marketing tactics will automatically take the game to the next level of success.

Always be consistent with the content and the images you post on the social media or in the newsletters. You need to brand your game with authority to the customer and an appealing design will fulfil this requirement. Additionally, send newsletters to game lovers and not to people who are going to discard the mail even without reading.