How Fiction Writers can Build An Email List

People who subscribe to your mailing list should be given the top priority, failing to do so results in a irreparable business mistake.  And, as a fiction writer, email is the leading way to nurture and cultivate relationships. However, writers find it difficult to make people subscribe to their mailing list because apart from words they have nothing else to offer. Unlike companies, you cannot offer free products or discounts on services. You need to focus on thinking different way to attract the target audience. Additionally, scrub the mailing list regular using email address verification to improve deliverability rates. Here are a few ways you can build your email list.

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Choose a small target audience

You have to accept it!

People don’t prefer sharing their email addresses, especially when on an average a person receives more than 100 emails per day.

It’s really hard to get signup from someone who is unwilling and not a fan of your work. And, if you’re successful in acquiring their email address, you find it difficult to engage such readers. Therefore, you need to focus on people who have enjoyed at least one of your stories. People who like your writing style will eagerly wait for the newsletter and help you build a strong customer base. There’s no point running behind people who are likely to filter your messages as spam. For customer to respond positively and to reduce the spam complaint rate, use verify email on a regular basis.

Share engaging content

If you understand why your readers like your story, you can easily figure out ways to grab their attention. Share email exclusive content, which can include sneak-peak into the next novel you’re penning down or additional description about the characters of your previous novel. The engagement level would be high with people who have read your work. As you’re targeting a small audience, you can focus on sending highly personalized messages. Always remember that content will remain the king, irrespective of your work field.

Foucs on using email validation to touch base with important and enthusiastic readers.