How Event Planning Companies can Benefit From Email Validation?

Promoting the event to the right audience is an art and mastering it will help you take the business to the next level. Email marketing is a tool, which will help you build a large audience base and ensure a long term healthy relationship with the customers. However, due to the nature of the business, it is essential to take help of email verifier and reduce the instances of spam complaints. Events like rock shows and music concerts are for everyone and sending emails to customers who are less likely to filter the mails as spam is extremely important. Therefore, it is essential to validate the mailing list, before sending emails.


Clean list attracts sponsors

The success of an event is dependent upon the sponsors because they increase the marketing budget. Sponsorship from big companies will help you reach out to target audience in an easier way because you can leverage the brand value of the sponsor to attract customers. However, acquiring such big sponsors is not an easy task because of tough competition. Companies look out for businesses who are committed and serious in their field. If the marketing list is clean, it will ensure a large attendance during the event, which will increase the customer base of the sponsor company. Therefore, clean the mailing list on a regular basis using email address verification.

Reduces the spam rate

Spam complaints are feared the most by email marketers as it reduces the sender’s reputation and deliverability is reduced. A low delivery rate means the emails are landing in the junk folder and not reaching the inbox of the customer. A high spam rate ensures that all the marketing efforts go in the drain. Spam complaints occur either because of spamtraps or spam bots present in the mailing list or due to irrelevant content. Clean the mailing list regularly and use email validation to ensure spamtraps and spam bots are removed. Additionally, send interesting and captivating content to the customers. Information about the event should be sent in a way, it creates excitement and pique the interest of the customers.