How Email Validation will Help your First Marketing Campaign?

Email marketing when done is the correct way nurtures leads and relationship to keep your brand in the minds of the customer for a long-term. A plethora of first time marketers fail to leave a lasting impression in the minds of the customers and often end up in the spam folder. For many of such first timers, it takes trial and error method to understand to get the concepts of email marketing. However, you will be wasting a lot of time. Instead, you can follow these steps and ensure that your first email marketing campaign hits the target and you are able to build a strong mailing list.


Clean the mailing list

Unsolicited messages flooding the inbox of a customer are permanently blocked by the ISPs. The ISPs do not take the risk of trifling with the U.S Anti-Spam law and prefer to adhere to all the laid rules and regulations. Your first marketing campaign will never be a successful launch if it is marked as spam. Most of the ESPs are always on a lookout for filtering the deactivated and inactive email addresses, which results in a high bounce rate. Therefore, you need to ensure that the mailing list is cleaned and verified using email verifier. Email validation is essential for the success of the marketing campaign to ensure that the bounce rate is extremely low and the marketing campaign is not blacklisted by the ESPs.

Keep the message short

The shorter the message, the better your email marketing campaign will perform. Therefore, keep the CTA in the first paragraph of the email because the customers are likely to drift away from the email if the recipient has to scroll down a lot. Ensure never to include a full article in the marketing campaign because it will not help you engage the customer for a long time. Instead, you can provide outgoing links to your website, so that the customers can acquire more information about your products and services.

The success of the first marketing campaign is essential as it will help you reach the intended target audience.