How Email Validation will Help the Local Retail Shops?

When it comes to grocery or household items, one can think of only the retail shop in the street nearest to the house. And, with plethora of such shops in the neighborhood, it becomes a challenging task for the customer to choose a retail shop suiting their requirements. From rich to poor, everyone is a customer of the retail shops and if you want to grow your customer base, build a long term relationship with customers email marketing and email validation will help you achieve this dream successfully.


How will email address verification help?

The challenging part for a retail shop is to think out of the box and market the shop to the prospective clients. With email marketing this task is simplified as you can attract customers by sending weekly newsletters declaring the offers and discounts you are giving away. This way a plethora of customers will want to become a part of your newsletter because grocery and other daily use items are needed in every household. Once your mailing list grows, the chances of incorrect, invalid and wrong email addresses will be extremely high. And, once your deliverability rate and sender’s reputation fall below a certain level, the ISPs will directly send the newsletter to the spam folder. Therefore, in order to effectively portray the retail shop to the online customers, you need verify email as it will help you send emails to only genuine email addresses. Moreover, by using email verifier, the ROI of the whole campaign will increase and so will the engagement level.

What you should definitely not do?

Never send newsletters to an acquired list as a lot of invalid and bad addresses will be present. Even if the email addresses are correct, the customer might not be interested in your shop because of geographical distance between their home and your shop. Build a genuine mailing list because only such customers are going to stay with you for a long time. Additionally, send frequent newsletters to customers whose purchasing habits are on a higher side.

Email validation is the backbone of email marketing today.