How Email Validation will Help Insurance Agency?

According to a study conducted, customers use their mobile for checking their emails. It is one of the most effective marketing channels today and marketers are heavily relying on this channel to build long term relationship. It is undoubtedly the best channel in terms of return on investment and marketing statistics. Today, the insurance sector is one of the leading sectors, both in terms of revenue and size. As an insurance agency, you can benefit from email marketing by sending the latest update and messages to the customers via an email. However, email marketing alone will not help you achieve the desired goals, you need to use email verifier to take the business to the next level. Here are a few ways how email validation will help your insurance agency.


Maintains a list hygiene

List hygiene involves a process of maintaining the marketing list. It involves taking care of the un-subscription requests, remove email addresses that results in bounces and updating the email addresses. Cleaning the list on a regular basis is essential because it will remove the unwanted spam complaints and is important in maintaining the reputation of the ISP. Once if the reputation of your ISP is at stake, maintaining a positive reputation will never become easy. Additionally, you will reduce the bounce rates, which deteriorates the health of the whole marketing campaign. Therefore, use email address verification on a regular basis and notice the difference in results.

Ensures sender’s reputation

A high sender’s score always results in delivery of the email to the inbox of the customer. The sender’s reputation is degraded when too many of your customers filters the messages as spam. The overall deliverability rate is affected and you will never reach the inbox of the customer with a low sender’s reputation. Remember to send useful and informative content to the customers so that the need of filtering the messages as spam does not arise. Customers love and respect meaningful content.

Use email validation on a regular basis and create a win-win situation. Adhere to the rules of email marketing and you will never face any deliverability issue.