How Coffee Shops can Benefit from Email Validation?

The need of email still remains even with increasing use of social media and other marketing platforms. The number of users email today is almost three times higher than the use of any social media platform. Building an authentic mailing list is not an easy process because customers sometimes give inaccurate addresses, which results in a failed marketing campaign. Maintaining a strong mailing list will give you the power to connect with customers on a personal level. Email address verification will help you maintain an effective mailing list and ensure the list is free from erroneous email addresses. Email validation will help your coffee shop in numerous ways.


Collect email addresses in person

Collecting email addresses in your coffee shop will help you interact with authentic customers. You can create an incentive for the staff members to collect the email addresses of the customers. This way the staff members will try their level best to make the customers happy in order to gain their email address. You can ask for customer feedback and request their email. However, remember to use email validation before sending the messages to the mailing list as it might still comprise of wrong email address. Customers who are happy with your services will never give any wrong information, but unhappy customers might provide wrong information for the sake of it.

Organize a contest

You can host a contest to collect the business cards of your customers. It is one of the most effective ways to build the mailing list. Ask the customers to signup for the process using their email address. You can give away free snacks or coffee to the customers who win the contest.  Remember to make the process extremely worthwhile for the participants only then they will provide their email address.

Offer free recipes

When customers are able to cook tasty snacks and coffee drinks, they are more likely to wait for the newsletter. Send one or two recipes occasionally in order to entice and build long term relationship.

Email verifier will help you reach the intended target audience.