How Car Wash Companies Can Benefit From Email Validation

When marketing for a service like car wash, you will want to focus on the experience which no other competitor will be able to provide. A huge chunk of the car wash business is based upon word of mouth publicity. The mouth of publicity can be spread to people across the city using email marketing. The email newsletter can comprise of the experiences customer’s had while availing the car wash service. The newsletters can be shared with the prospects and you will be able to build a loyal customer base in no time. However, you need to understand that email marketing alone will not help you reach the desired goal. Email validation along with email marketing is the right tool, which will connect interested customers to the car wash company.


Bundled Prepaid sale

With the bundled prepaid sale, you can urge customers to pay for 5 or 6 car wash at a time and avail some discount. It will definitely improve the cash flow and the transaction time will be saved. Instead of offering discounts, you can give free gifts to the customers. A customer will be more than happy to receive an additional gift or service at a price of a car wash. You can announce the news of the prepaid sale via email to the customers. However, before sending the email ensure that the mailing list is cleaned using verify email to scrub the unwanted and inactive email addresses. It is essential to remove such email addresses from the mailing list otherwise it leads to hard bounces, which will deteriorate the whole marketing campaign.

Loyalty programs

Another great way to attract prospects and build long term relationship is by offering loyalty bonuses after a fixed number of purchases and car wash. The loyalty bonus should not be like peanuts otherwise it will never generate interest in the minds of the customers. The loyalty program should either offer a hefty discount or a gift. Loyalty programs are the leading way to keep the customers engaged for a long period of time.