How B2B Organizations can Benefit from Email Validation?

B2B organizations across the world have a completely different perception and method of collecting email addresses, which undoubtedly requires corrections and validation. A majority of B2B companies believe that success of email marketing lies in sending huge volume of emails to a bulk list. They strive on the fundamental of larger list generating greater profit and revenue. However, the perception of quantity over quality has negative repercussions and can hamper the reputation both in front of the ISPs and the customers. Scoring poorly in front of the ISPs means that an email campaign is throttled or getting blocked permanently. Therefore, selecting an appropriate email validation company is necessary.

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1. Active Validation

Look out for companies providing syntax correction and active validation. Active validation is a real time process wherein checks and transactions is done with each ISP to determine the status of the email address. Active validation helps in removing dormant and inactive email addresses from the mailing list. Syntax correction is the process wherein the addresses are checked for typo and syntax related errors. An email address verification company offering both the types of check would be appropriate for any B2B marketing organisation.

2. Ready for all address verification

Service provider like Yahoo works on the phenomenon of ‘accept-all’ wherein ISP will show a positive result for any email address which previously existed irrespective whether the email is now inactive or dormant. This means that you are going to receive a positive response from ISP regarding the inactive email addresses, which can be deteriorating to the whole marketing campaign. Therefore, search for email verifier company whose services extends beyond this accept-all policy.

3. Security is the key

There is no point hiring a validation company who will sell your mailing list to your competitors. Security and safety of the information maintained in the database is essential otherwise you will end up breaching the trust of the customers. Therefore, ask for a complete breakdown of the security accreditation of the vendor before handing over the marketing list.

Email validation will help B2B marketers only when the right validation vendor is selected.