How Architects can Benefit from Email Validation

Designing your dream home is the not an easy task, but for an extremely architect it is a simple affair. As an architect, if you believe your firm is the best in the industry, you need to differentiate your practices from the competitors in a way, customers are easily attracted to whatever you are offering.  You have to communicate the differentiation to the customers in order to win their hearts. Email marketing will help you reach out to the potential clients in no time, but using just email marketing will not help you reach the desired results. Email validation is essential to maintain a healthy deliverability rate and ensure a good sender’s reputation score. Here are a few ways on how you can leverage the effectiveness of email address verification to reach out to the potential prospects.


1. Email validation removes people who are not interested

A customer on a regular basis will not require the services of an architecture firm, therefore, your list will comprise of people who were earlier your customers, but have become dormant for a long period of time. Dormant email addresses are not acceptable as they reduce the open rates and hampers every marketing statistic. However, removing the customers because they are dormant is not the right step to carry out. You need to confirm whether the client wishes to stay as a part of the email marketing campaign or not. Send a form to confirm the same from the customer. If no confirmation is received, you can actually remove the email address using email verifier.

2. Branding is important

Traditional methods of marketing and branding will no longer work for acquiring new customers. Many a times it is seen that architectural firms are reluctant to change and usually never want to change the marketing methods. In today’s time, change is essential and the sooner the companies change their marketing style, the better it will be. Switching to email marketing will not only help them reduce their marketing efforts, but will help acquire new customers with ease.