Email Validation and Insurance Sellers

Email undoubtedly is the leading medium to deliver messages to the target audience directly. The marketing platform is not tech savvy like the social media marketing channels, but the effect it creates is far better than any other email marketing platform available today. Companies using email to deliver messages to the customer generate more leads at a lower cost. Email marketing is a great tool for insurance sellers to drive their vehicle and boost customer loyalty. Email address verification will further help you enhance the database and connect at a personal level. Here are a few tips, which will help insurance sellers to drive sales.


Email list should be up-to-date

More than 35% of the customers change their email address on an annual basis. Email addresses go bad and customers move from one place to another. There may be many people whose name and the place of living is known, but you do not have their email addresses. You can use the email-append services to add the missing information. Additionally, email validation will remove all the bad addresses that are dormant and inactive. Keeping the marketing list updated regularly will help you improve the sender’s score. A high sender’s score, in turn enhances the deliverability rate. Additionally, email verifier will ensure the newly acquired addresses are clean and deliverable.

Send messages according to the buying cycle

Send welcome emails to customers who are new and in the early phase of your buying cycle. Nurture emails should be focused on sending different offers, values and services. These emails should be sent to customers who show interest in your messages by reading and opening the email communication. Active emails should be sent to subscribers who are ready to purchase, according to the nurture emails being sent to the customers. When a customer is showing interest in purchasing the insurance policy, you should try to send messages to the customers.

Understand the target audience

Insurance marketers today have a lot of data collected from various sources. Using the data to understand the target audience will help you increase sales.