Email Marketing Advice for Retailers

Even with all marketing tools at their disposal, retailers prefer the age old method of communicating with the target audience. Email provides the highest ROI and is a preferred method of communication with the customers. As a retailer, understanding the essence of email marketing is essential to win the trust of the target readers. Additionally, clean the email list using email address verification to stay connected. Here are a few factors that results in a successful email marketing program.


Quality is essential over quantity

Retailers are susceptible to list hygiene issues because when email addresses are collected at different point of sale, many addresses are wrong. Unfortunately, sending messages to such customers will degrade the sender’s reputation and you will land in the black list of the ISPs. You need to focus on acquiring quality leads and send quality messages. Additionally, it’s fruitless to run behind a huge list wherein a majority of the messages will end in the spam folder. Your reputation is in your hand and it’s a critical factor in reaching the inbox. Therefore, use email address verifier to clean the marketing list on a regular basis.

Understand and track engagement

Most of the mailbox providers determine engagement depending upon how a recipient is interacting with your messages. Do your customers read your messages or simply overlook them? Or do customers complain about your content? You need to understand and track how customers are behaving with your messages to increase the engagement metrics. The engagement metric will allow you to focus on readers who constantly remain loyal to your brand. Furthermore, you can divide the list into primary, secondary and dead based on the engagement level. Moreover, today tracking customer engagement is necessary to run a successful email marketing campaign.

Create a reason to engage

Today, customers receive many promotional messages and with such a tough competition, creating an engaging experience is difficult. You need to protect deliverability and give your customers a reason to engage. Therefore, ensure to send a welcome message as soon as a customer signup for the newsletter. Furthermore, offer exclusive and insightful content to win the trust of the readers.

Furthermore, focus on using validate email on a regular basis.