Building your Email List through YouTube

Today, YouTube videos enable marketers and entrepreneurs to engage with customers and help them build a stronger community. Videos attract the readers who are too busy to read long form email messages. They help in generating engagement and is one of the major reasons for creating a strong marketing list. It helps you gain visibility, engagement, and makes marketing simple. Additionally, you can easily build a strong marketing list by asking users to fill a short form. However, you need to clean the mailing list using email address verification to reach the target audience. Here are a few ways to build your email list using your YouTube channel.

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Sharing new content

As a marketer, you need to understand that your readers want to hear from your brand on a regular basis. And, this is the primary reason your readers have subscribed to your email list. However, you don’t have to create new content for these videos, you can convert the content into strong videos and share it on platforms meant for your readers. Share videos that tell the readers about your product and services. Such content will definitely spark interest in the minds of the readers as information about products is easy when you convert it into a video. Videos are simple and help in attracting the readers. However, clean the email list using email verifier to touch base with readers.

Adding annotations

It’s extremely essential that you add annotations to the existing YouTube video channel. Annotations help in creating engaging style video, which can easily go viral if the content is upto the mark. Additionally, if you successfully add the right annotations, you can make your users visit your external website. It helps in increasing engagement as it prompts the user to subscribe, follow or click a link. Increasing your mailing list using YouTube annotations is simple and easy.

Share the video everywhere

Videos are received well by social media users because it saves time that is spent on reading the email. Embed the videos in your updates to increase engagement and build a strong marketing list.

Therefore, focus on using email validation on a regular basis to increase customer engagement.