6 Ways of Growing your Non-Profit Email List – Part II

As a non-profit, you’re constantly striving on donors to support your business. Email marketing is a large puzzle when it comes to attracting donors and you may not necessarily know the correct way of increasing the donors on your email list. However, unless you validate email reaching genuine and authentic readers is a difficult task. You need to instigate interest to grow your email list at a faster pace. In the previous post, you read about three methods of acquiring the potential donors, read further to explore three more methods.


Make your newsletter shareable

Include social sharing buttons that will enable the readers to share your newsletters with their friends and family members. Shareable newsletter increases the reach of your email marketing as you connect with more people. However, making an email shareable doesn’t guarantee that you can build an email list. You need to provide value to the readers, if you want the readers to subscribe for your newsletter. When valuable and interesting information is shared with the readers, they’re more likely to connect with your brand. Furthermore, regularly use email list cleaning software to keep the list clean.

Make use of your website

Your non-profit website is the leading way to attract the subscribers. Add a signup box that let the people enter their email address. Place this box on every page and never ask too much information from the readers. Offer exclusive content, whitepaper, eBooks and freebies to lure the readers to join your email newsletter. A user-friendly website will definitely help in attracting readers because many people prefer visiting your website before giving their email address. Remember to make opt-in a prominent feature on your website.

Focus on transparency

When asking the readers to join the email newsletter, make sure to explain what your subscribers will receive after sharing their email address. Additionally, let the subscribers know that you will not spam their inbox with unnecessary messages and give them a brief overview of the information the readers can expect from your brand.

Focus on using email verification on a regular basis to reach the target audience.