6 Ways of Growing your Non-Profit Email List – Part I

Building a mailing list for both B2C and B2B business is a key tactic to reach the target audience. A robust non-profit mailing list is important for a non-profit organization as it will attract potential donors and investors. Today, survival without a clean email list is impossible and non-profit organizations using email marketing should regularly use email address verification. Growing an email list is not an art, you need to get the basics right to attract the potential customers. Here are a few ways of building an authentic list.


Offer valuable publication

Premium content is for people who mean a lot to your business and sharing such content with the readers will definitely increase engagement. Such content in the form of white papers, ebook and guidebooks is a great way to win the trust of donors. Website visitors can trade their email address for the premium content. However, remember to share the content to people who willingly share their email address. Furthermore, extend the same offer at in-person events and collect different business cards to build a strong and loyal customer base. Clean the list regularly using email verifier to stay connected.

Sponsor a contest

A favorite way of building an authentic list of a non-profit organization is through sponsoring a contest. Initially, you will invest some money for the contest, but the investment is worth the effort. This tactic requires the customer to give their email address to take part in the contest. Before the commencement of the contest, send regular reminders to the subscribers to ensure maximum participation.  Offer gifts and freebies to the winner of the contest to keep the readers engaged after the contest is over.

Word-of-mouth publicity

If you’re really contributing to the society, your organization is likely to become the talk of the town. The value of peer-to-peer publicity is that it provides access to an audience outside your non-profit circle. Many people are interested to contribute, but don’t know from where to begin. Word of mouth publicity will help you attract such customers.

Use email validation on a regular basis to engage the readers.