3 Emails to Re-engage the Diners

Building an email list is not a cakewalk, especially for restaurant owners. You need to focus on creating consistent content that resonates with the target audience. You need to actively promote and create meaningful content that helps converting the readers into long-term diners. However, you need to garner the trust of the reader before you can actually expect them to make a purchase. Volume of your list is redundant if you’re planning to send regular newsletters to the readers. Focus on using validate email to clean the list once in a while to avoid inactive and dormant customer from making way. Here are a few emails that will help you re-engage the lost diners.


Educate and then sell to your customers

Your customers are receiving all kinds of promotional offers from different brand and it’s true that they don’t open every email landing in their inbox. If you’re not supplementing the offers with useful content, you will lose the battle. And, if you’re planning to re-engage the lost diners to your restaurant, you need to educate the readers on a small topic that is congruent to their core interest. Blindly sending promotional emails and highlighting the excellent services you provide will not help you build trust. In the initial few mails, focus on educating the customer and refrain from using any sales oriented messages. Furthermore, scrub the mailing list using email list cleaning software to touch base with customers who are likely to increase your business.

Offer exclusive promotional offers

Look at outlet joints like Starbucks who value customers who come back to their store for coffee. They have come up with different loyalty features rewarding the customers with every purchase. Obviously, customers behind their back may opt for another café, but in the long-run they will prefer Starbucks over any other café. Therefore, re-engage the diners by offering discounts and offers they simply cannot refuse.

Ask for replies

One of the leading ways to increase engagement is asking the readers to reply to your messages. Encourage the diners to respond directly.

Focus on cleaning the list using email validation to increase email engagement.