3 Actionable Tips for Email List Building for an Artist

It takes a great deal of time to build an authentic email list. And, it’s one of the best thing an artist can do when it comes to promoting themselves online. For an artist, their listeners or viewers are the potential readers and you can easily win their heart through a creative and stylish email marketing campaign. However, you will need a strong and powerful email list. Clean the list regularly using email address validation to engage the readers. Building an email list will definitely take time and here are a few ways of alluring the readers.


Trust your website

If your website is not user-friendly and inappropriate, your readers are likely to turn away without leaving their email address. Have an interesting, yet precise sign up form on your website. If you need further information from the readers, send them an email requesting the information. However, never ask too much detail in the sign up form, otherwise the reader will not fill it. Furthermore, according to a research, sign up form with just the email address gets the maximum response. Your website is the leading source for generating high quality leads. Focus on the content and usability of your website.

Offer an incentive

Generally speaking, people usually don’t give their email address unless you offer them something interesting in return. You can send your latest song to your fan base or small sneak-peak of the upcoming series. Fans want to know everything about their celebrity. Therefore, share interesting information with the readers in return of their email address. Lastly, remember to scrub the marketing list using email verifier to remove inactive and dormant readers.

Reminder in content

Many times you need to remind the readers about your mailing list. Mention your email list on your blogs, videos or podcast so that your fans can subscribe. Reminders will help you capture the attention of the readers who are interested in your content, but have forgotten to subscribe to the newsletter.

Focus on using email address verifier on a regular basis to reach your fan base.