How Retail Shops can Build a Mailing List?

A plethora of small retail shops is often worried about the success of their email marketing campaign. If the content is great and still the engagement rate is low, your brand will never make noise in the online world. For retail shop owners email marketing is probably the best tool available to send the message to the customer. And, mailing list is the most powerful tool in increasing the sales. A mailing list checked using email address verification will definitely yield the desired results. However, if you are planning for an expansion, you need to increase the mailing list- only then you can connect to prospects and turn them into customers. Irrespective of the size of the mailing list, you should verify the list on a regular basis using email verifier. Here are a few ways of building the email list.


Conduct surveys

Surveys and polls are a great way to engage and entice the customers. Place a survey of something relevant related to your retail shop on your website and ask customers to fill the survey. Offer discounts to customers who successfully completes the survey. You can include a field of email address, such that customers who complete the survey, leave their email address. Additionally, you can send a Thank you email to the customer for participating in the survey. The results of the survey can be used to improve the shopping experience of the customer at your retail outlet.

Use social media

You can ask the Twitter and Facebook followers to signup for the newsletter. Inform the customer that the emails will include information and offers which will not be available anywhere else. Additionally, you can reward followers who willingly signup for the email alerts. This way you can build an authentic mailing list. Leverage the effectiveness of social media to increase the online sales and build a strong list.

Give incentives to your staff

Tell your staff to collect email addresses on your behalf. Offer a small incentive for every genuine email address collected by the employee. You can offer bumper prizes to the staff members bringing in the highest number of verifiable email addresses.