How Email Validation will Help Tuition Teachers?

With vacations round the corner, the major concern for a plethora of parents will be the studies of their children. And, the first thing which comes up in their mind is hiring a tuition teacher, who will take care of their studies throughout the year. If you are tuition teacher, you have a plethora of customer in the market, but the major challenge lies in converting the potential customer to real time customers. Undoubtedly email marketing will help you achieve this goal by providing you with the desired reach and customer base. Email marketing when used with email validation will increase the chances of winning the hearts of the customers and ensure the continuous inflow of revenue.


1. Email address verification is essential

As a tutor to kick-start the business and attract customers, you will send sample questions and study material to the students. But, if recipient is not a student and is a bachelor without any kids, the email marketing campaign will have a mighty fall and all the hard work will go in waste. You will not face this issue, if the mailing list is cleaned and it comprises of people who are interested in the tuition services. Two or three hard bounces are enough to disrupt the sender’s reputation and hamper the deliverability of the whole marketing campaign. And, lifting the degraded image is extremely difficult in the online marketing world. The more spam complaints you receive, the less number of emails will be delivered to the inbox of the customer. Therefore, if email marketing is the soul, then email validation is the heart of a marketing campaign. The combination of two is the perfect way to increase sales and build brand image of the business.

2. Removing the spam bots

Spam bots can easily hamper the whole campaign without any glitches. They are real email addresses which are used by the ISPs to detect the email spammers. Once a spam bot is hit, the marketing campaign is considered dead. Verify email is the lethal tool, which will help you destroy the spam bots permanently from the mailing list.