How to validate or verify a Yahoo Email Address?

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We get asked these types of questions a lot. Questions like how to verify or validate a Yahoo based email addresses. Yahoo, as many of you know, is popular email service provider. They provide you with a reasonably good webmail service that is relatively easy to use and manage.

With such popularity, many customers signing up for your services or product enter their Yahoo email address in the sign-up field. Without a valid email address, the potential loss is substantial and measurable. This is where we come in. Email Verifier makes sure that the Yahoo account in question exists. Your customers would have an opportunity to either correct mistakes in their email address or enter a new one.

We do have customers asking us whether we will be able to verify a bulk list of Yahoo email IDs. The short answer to that is, Yes, we can!

Our product is designed to identify accurately whether a particular email address exists or not using various techniques including the most popular SMTP connection method. At present, we can verify all email addresses ending with “”. Not just that, we have techniques in place to verify or validate overseas addresses such as or and so on.

Give our Yahoo Email Verifier service a try and let us know what you think of it. If you find an email address that you think we didn’t do a good job on, do let us know. We will do all we can to improve our email verification service to you.