How to validate or verify a Gmail Email Address?

Gmail Email Address Verification

We had a post recently on how to verify or valid a Yahoo email address and thought we’d discuss the Gmail email address while we are at it. Gmail is probably our most favorite email service provider of all time so there maybe a little bias included. I am not sure who wouldn’t love Gmail for its impressive interface, generous storage, reasonably ok privacy standards, and many other features. And, of course, one cannot forget that its an excellent product by “Google”.

So we often get questions on how we verify a Gmail email ID and if they are accurate enough. We can say that our Gmail email verification is close to 95% accuracy so its pretty accurate. We understand that an incorrect email likely means a potential loss of a customer. Therefore, utilizing our email verification API, you’re able to tell quickly whether your customer entered a correct validate Gmail address or not.

Currently, we don’t have Gmail providing country based domain as the suffix for your gmail address that certainly simplifies our job as opposed to Yahoo and Hotmail. Yahoo has many extensions such as and available to choose from if you like in those respective countries.

Give us a try. Use our Email Verification API or Control Panel to launch the job and see the results for yourself on verifying Gmail ID or email address. Found a problem, let us know and we’d be sure to fix it.