Form Validation API

Our Email Validation Real-Time API is a simple JSON based REST Web Service that allows developers to verify their customer data with ease. This form validation API is specifically made for web applications that need to make sure email addresses are entered in the correct format without having to perform third-level checks while the user waits to sign up.

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Email Verification API | Batch Email Verification API


With blazing fast response times, you can implement this API for form validations to check the customers that are signing up are not using incorrect email addresses.

It is a simple HTTP POST request with these parameters:

email: the email address that you want to verify
user_API_token: your email verifier account's API Token
free: True | False
disposable: True | False
did_you_mean: True | False
role: True | False
bad: True | False
ev_score: True | False

You would need to input your API key for your Email Verifier App account into the verification request you are making.

Optional Inputs

free: to find out if the email belongs to free email service providers
disposable: to find out if the email belongs to temporary email service providers
did_you_mean: to identify any typos in the email address being queried
role: to identify if the email is a role-based email
bad: to identify if the email is likely to be a spam-trap or complainer
ev_score: to get the quality score for an email address

API Endpoint:

Body Parameters:
user_API_token = [Your-API-Token]

Return Values:
success – Tells you if your API request was successful
user – Tells you the username of the email in query
domain – Tells you the domain of the email in query
email – Returns the email that this response was for
result – Tells you whether the email is deliverable or not
reason – Explains the reason behind the result in short
message – A more brief message explaining the reason in detail
risky – Tells you if the email in query is a low-quality risky email
disposable – Tells you whether the email in query belongs to temporary email service provider
free – Tells you whether the email in query belongs to free email service provider
bad – Tells you if the email in query is in spamtrap, complainers or other similar databases
role – Tells you if the email in query belongs to a role rather than an actual person
did_you_mean – Tells you if the email in query has a typo and offers suggestion
ev_score – Tells you the quality of email by allocating a number between 1 (good) and 0 (bad)

Example JSON Response:

 "success": "true",
 "user": "username",
 "domain": "",
 "email": "",
 "result": "Valid",
 "reason": "Accepted Email",
 "message": "Email address was accepted by the SMTP server",
 "risky": false,
 "disposable": false,
 "free": true,
 "bad": false,
 "role": false,
 "did_you_mean": "None",
 "ev_score": 1

Looking for form validation API Sample Codes? You should be able to find all major language sample codes including C, cURL, C#, GO, Java, Javascript, NodeJS, Objective-C, PHP, Python, Ruby, Shell and more.

Can’t find your API Token? See this article – Where can I find API Token? If you are running out of credit and need more credit for your API transactions, please refer to the article on adding API credit to your account. We allow all new accounts with 100 FREE API transactions to test if it fits their purpose.

Using Postman?

If you use Postman you can click the following button to import the Email Verifier App API as a collection:

Note: “user_API_token” is case sensitive. So API is really uppercase and the rest of it is lower case. Failure to do this might result in an error.