Advanced Cleaning

Over the years, our email verification technology has only gone more advanced. We’ve developed a system that imitates artificial intelligence. Every job improves our validation processes and methods for the next one. Combine this with live feeds from various sources, our system becomes an ultimate choice for verifying your email addresses. Each job goes through pre and post validations to ensure accurate email verifications for maximum marketing results.

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Advanced Email Cleaning

What’s under the hood?

  • highly accurate

    High Accuracy

    We’d use process that may take time but we never compromise on accuracy of our results.

  • Blazing Fast

    Blazing Fast

    Our system is based on Python (same language that NASA uses). This allows us to process your job at blazing fast speeds.

  • Tier-1 Bandwidth providers

    Tier-1 Bandwidth

    We partnered with some of the best bandwidth suppliers to ensure maximum availability and redundancy.

  • Cloud Technology

    Cloud Technology

    Our infrastructure is hosted on the cloud. This allows us to meet high demands and peak periods with ease.

  • Simple Control Panel

    Simple Control Panel

    Our control panel focuses on usability, streamlining the complexities of traditional systems.

  • Pre and Post Email Validation

    Pre & Post Validations

    All validation jobs undergo these checks to give you maximum deliverability and campaign performance.

Live Feeds

Our gigantic databases are updated daily with newer records of spam traps and complainers. We get live feed from various sources continuously updating them. This helps us achieve great results by removing those unwanted email addresses that could potentially harm your reputation as a sender and affect your future communication with your customers.


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 Live Spam Trap and Complainers Feeds

 Real-time bounce processing

Real-time Bounce Processing

This is an optional extra we offer to our customers whereby we send validation emails to your contacts. It allows us to eliminate nearly 99% of all bounces. Our unique patent pending process allows us to send emails from unique & clean IP addresses and get best results for your mailing list.


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Simple API

We have created a simple API for all our customers to be able integrate it right into their platform or system. We have customers who implemented it for form validation, CRM system, sign up process just to name a few. This allows you to completely customize the verification and validation experience. You choose how you’d like our system to clean your mailing lists. The possibilities are endless – start developing robust applications and integrations now.


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 email verification api

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