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Email Verification API

We have created a simple name spaced API that provides complete control over your email verification process. All of the functionality that you find in our web control panel will be made available via the API. We support all of the major verification actions and selection, allowing you to develop robust applications and integrations. With Email Verification API, you are able to verify single email addresses with ease. Use it to verify your customer data or integrate it into your existing apps or third-party services you use. We have options available to scan for spam-traps, complainers, syntax issues and more.

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Simple Email Verification API 


Form Validation API

Form Validation allows you to quickly and efficiently verify the information your customer has provided you on your contact forms, sign up forms, and other types of forms. This API allows you to launch a large number of concurrent requests and receive responses within milliseconds for your customer to continue with their online activity. We return a large number of useful responses such as whether the particular email address belongs to free email service provider, if it has any typos, if it is a role-based address and more.

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Email Validation API

Using this API, you can quickly and easily verify any email address against the RFC protocol for proper syntax. We also allow you to verify for spam-traps and complainers to make sure the email you are sending to is not part of bad reputation network. In addition to this, our API allows you to filter out disposable email addresses so you have an authentic email address of your potential lead or customer. Some other options include filtering out emails from free email service providers and rejecting role-based emails.

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Batch Processing API

This API is ideal for companies who want to verify and validate their mailing lists without having to access our control panel. You can programmatical connect the services and third-party apps you use to send our system mailing lists to verify. Our system can process ten files at a time and takes in a CSV or TXT format. Upload, monitor, and download verified contact lists all through batch processing email verification API. Just like other APIs, we allow scanning for free emails, disposable emails, role-based emails, bad addresses and more.

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API Documentation

Integrate, develop and code robust email verification applications using Email Verifier API. Our documentation is open-sourced open to contribution from the developer community.

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API Documentation

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