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Proprietary 12 Stage Email Verification Process

1. De-duplication

2. Domain Validation

3. Spamtrap Removal

4. Complainers Removal

5. Risk Check

6. Syntax Check

7. MTA Response Check

8. Suppressed Email Removal

9. Unbalanced Delimiter Check

10. Mailbox Error Scan

11. Custom TLD Removal

12. SendEV Email Scoring

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Developer-Friendly Email Verification APIs Available

Single Email Verification API

Form Verification API

Bulk Email Verification API

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Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Email Verifier is not just the name of our app; it also means a service or provider that verifies emails. In our case, it’s our application that does this. It performs numerous checks that verify email. A number of the steps we take have been highlighted on our email verification process page.

So if you are looking to verify an email address, you have come to the right place. Our service allows you to use our innovative email verification tool that simulates the connection between a mail server and our server. In simple terms, this connection is what tells most providers if an email address exists or not.

So what is being verified by our email address verifier?

Well, a whole lot of things – See our email verification process. Most of the preliminary steps we perform are to do with the format/syntax of an email address, domain validity and if the user/mailbox really exists. Of course, once we determine all these, there are a lot more things we look at. These include if those email addresses match with any complainers we have on file or spam trap email address. We also look into high-risk keywords and domains. Later on in the process, we look into unbalanced delimiters within an email address; any suppressed emails that you uploaded and at last perform real-time bounce processing if you’ve explicitly stated that you would like this done.

So why are we called bulk email verifier?

Well, in simple terms, we are capable of verifying email in large quantities of email addresses. We have customers who have had their mailing lists verified consisting of millions of email addresses. Our system intelligently routes emails into various servers and perform checks and then put them back together (much like a surgery). So if you tried to validate email one by one, our bulk email verifier can solve your problems. Our email verifier app takes the bulk of it and helps in massive reduction of bounce backs or bounce rate. Your email service providers would be placed and so will you. This is because you will be getting a higher return on every penny you spend on email marketing.

How is our email verifier useful for email marketers?

So whether you want our email verifier app to directly take in your contacts from your email marketing agency like Mailchimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, Vertical Response or Campaign Monitor (to name a few) or if you like to upload the entire mailing lists yourself, we make the whole process just as easy. They will love you for it because you will be getting higher deliverability rates and avoid those nasty spam trap email addresses or complainers who don’t want to receive any sort of marketing emails. Want to test our email verifier before use? No problem. Upload a smaller list and our email verification services would be just as good as uploading millions of email addresses. We provide the same level of support and assurance to small businesses as we do to big ones.

Why should you use our email validation tool?

Our email verifier app is a brilliant and very effective piece of software that can verify any email on the go. With our artificial intelligence built in, it gets highly accurate to verify email in every single job. Email ID verifier is a must have email address verifier tool in your business to make sure every email you send is a targeted valid one. After all, what’s the use of sending millions of email addresses and getting little or no response? Email marketers use our email verifier app all the time to get better performance and stop marketing companies from banning them from using their systems.

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