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Our software program has been designed to give campaigns a better performance over their email campaigns by getting rid of redundant and unusable email addresses. Our intelligent email list cleaning software cleans up your emails by what some would call as a cumbersome process. If you were to send SMTP commands to each email address you want to verify, it would take you days just to clean a few thousand emails. Without email verification system, we handle hundreds of thousands of email addresses with a click of a button.


Our main aim to deliver to our customers the best possible service that will help them filter out bad email addresses and help them achieve greater open rate for their email marketing campaigns. How exactly our system processes each email address is clearly highlighted on our email verification process page. All you need to do is trust us with your mailing data and we do the rest. Our email address verifier doesn’t send out a single email yet it manages to score a reputable 95% accuracy in every single email address it attempts to clean.


List hygiene is very important for not just email marketers but companies who are seeking for good leads. Its also useful for startups to make sure they keep their potential customer list clean and useful. It will enable them to rapidly expand in their chosen market. Our email address verifier also has advanced level of automation enabled. You can ask us to automatically verify your list on a specific time frame (Eg. every 2 weeks).


Our system will automatically download your mailing list from a list of services including Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Vertical Response, Aweber or from file storage services like Dropbox, Amazon, Google Drive and many more. Once download, it will start to validate email and verify email on the go. Once its finishing completing all the required tasks, it will email you to let you know that the list is ready to be used again.


So why should you use our email address verifier? The answer is quite simple. We use the most advanced technologies to validate and verify email addresses. You can see the top-notch security and reliability of our email address verification system. This enables us to trump our competition and keep ourselves at the top position. Our email verifier is very fast, accurate, flawless, continually improving itself with every job, and seamlessly integrated. You wouldn’t find a better tool on the market to carry out your email validation.

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