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As you progress as an email marketer, you will start to realize that your mailing list is starting to accumulate invalid and non-working email addresses. Email address verification is therefore crucial to get rid of these kinds of email addresses before they start hurting your credibility as a trusted sender. Using our email verifier app, you can easily remove bounced emails, emails with invalid inboxes, unbalanced delimiter issues, syntax issues and those with high-risk keywords or domains.


How syntax affects email address verification?

The very reason our email verification software was developed is to help customers filter through their mailing lists and be able to collect data on valid emails to send their marketing campaigns. Many people assume that email address verification deals with only have an “@” symbol and “.” somewhere in the email with an ending top-level domain like “com” or “org”. While this is true, there is a lot more to that than such a simple syntax. Its defined by the Internet standards document RFC 5322, which highlights the proper syntax of how, an email address should be.


How do email address verification programs deal with syntax?

Most of the email verification programs out there deal with this in different ways. Some actually code their programs to verify email according to the standard – RFC 5322 whilst others depend purely on guesswork to verify their customer data – the same kind of guess we used just now to showcase how an email address is structured. So our advice to you is not to depend on email address verifier that depend solely on these simple methods but to look for a program or service likes our which goes well beyond the simple structure of an email to verify its existence.


Does the free email address verification script, program or software work?

In short, no! The reason is quite simple. Email address verification is a complex process and most of these free tools available on the market are free. This means they don’t have a lot of investment to invest on good engineers who can delivery results. Most of them do simple checks such as existence of “@” symbol or correct TLD’s. Often times, the authors for these free email verifier tools do not understand the RFC email format rules and even if they know, they find it quite complex to code it into a system due to the number of parameters they have to keep watch on.


Ultimately, these email syntax issues can easily sneak in if visitors mistype their email addresses and domain names are usually misspelled. Use an email verification tool, which has proven itself over the years and has a solid track record with good customer base that are happy with them. A nice piece of advice, stay far from desktop programs, as they are likely to get your IP blocked and validate with very low accuracy. Also make sure the program you are using has great email address validation processes. Please check our process to get a good idea and why not try us out first?

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