Email Verification is crucial for your business success because targeting campaigns towards invalid contacts would not bring you that ROI you are looking for. We ensure your contacts are cleaned through our innovative 12 stage cleaning process.

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Choose the pricing that best suits your needs…

Can’t decide between Monthly or Pay as you go?



Our Email Verification Pricing is quite simple.

With Monthly Plans, the price is far cheaper than pay as you go (credit). You get a specific number of emails you can verify for that month. You can upload as many emails or as little emails as you like. You can even cancel anytime you feel like you don’t need our services. You are billed every month on the same day that you signed up.

With Pay as you go (Credit), the prices are a little higher than Monthly plans. You can verify as many or as little emails as you like. Your credit never expires and you are never charged again until you want to purchase more. You will be charged for the number of emails you upload at any given time.

You can use both Monthly and Pay as you go credit towards our Email Verification API. Every single API transaction you make reduces 1 credit. Say, you have 1000 emails you converted to API credit, you can verify 1000 emails through our API. It really is as simple as that.