Typo Suggestion

Parameter: did_you_mean
Response: null | string

What is it?

Typo Suggest is also known as typo correction feature offered by many applications like Microsoft Word and other such utilities. They figure out if you’ve typed something by mistake and offer you suggestion on possibly correct words. Similarly, our software examines the email address you have entered or uploaded. It will then, looks for popular email address providers around the world to see if it matches to any of those. If it does, it will come up with what a correct email ID should look like.

A good example might be an email address that looks something like this – “user@yaho.com”. This email looks to be correct but it’s very closely associated to one of the most famous email service provider – “yahoo.com”. In our response, our system would include a possibly correct email address as “user@yahoo.com”. You can then take this suggestion and run further email verifications on it to see if that works out to be a correct address.

This feature is particularly useful when it comes to form validation. Email address for most services online is the main point of contact for any given user. If you’ve got a wrong email address, there is no way to send any forms of communication to that user. This is why it becomes crucial to get email address recorded correctly. When users type their email addresses into forms, they have high chances of making a mistake.

Although sending an email verification email would help…it doesn’t account for typos. You are still sending that verification email to a possibly wrong email address which would most likely result in a bounce. And failure to this might also mean heavy loss for businesses especially those that spend thousands of dollars to get leads.

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