Role Addresses

Parameter: role
Response: true | false

What is it?

Role-based Email Addresses (aka Service-Oriented Emails) are email addresses usually associated with a particular role within an organisation. Corporations use these addresses to avoid having to change email addresses as people working in that position change. So for example, an organisation might have an email address like “”.

While this is beneficial from a corporation’s point of view. It is not so helpful for an email marketer wanting to connect to people. Since role addresses are not associated to specific people within an organisation, they are less likely to respond to marketing emails.

They are also observed to have less interest in passing information to appropriate people within their organisation. A good example is the end of the year sale that your company is running. One of the reception staff who is unfamiliar with their company’s past dealings with your company has received or seen this email. They are highly likely to delete your email and move on.

This equates to decrease in Return on Investment (ROI). Our system accurately identifies these role addresses from our huge database of variables. We then mark a specific email as being “True” or “False” for role_address attribute. You can then use this information to adjust your marketing list.

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