Free Email

Parameter: free
Response: true | false

What is it?

Free Email Service Providers, when selected, allows our system to identify if the email address that was entered or uploaded to our system belongs to one of the free email service providers.

There are a lot of free email service providers like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo. Our Email Validation Software can accurately identify less popular ones as well as the most popular services.

We mark them as “True” which means the email address in question does belong to a free email service provider or false. This will allow you to filter out all emails belong to free email service providers and segment them separately.

There are many uses for this. One of the most popular scenarios is where companies want to get rid of all free email service providers from their list for abuse reasons. Since they are free to create, they are most likely to be set up for abuse or quick use. Although the email might reach the inbox, there is no guarantee an actual user is going to check that email inbox. Another popular use is when they want to target different segments with different versions of a company’s newsletter or promotional email.

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