EV Score

Parameter: ev_score
Response: true | false

What is it?


EV Score is our internally developed algorithm which tells you the quality of an email address by assigning it a value from 0 to 1. After scanning through millions of email addresses and seeing their deliverability, we are able to accurately assign quality scores to email addresses that you are highly likely to get a response back from.

We help you increase your ROI by allowing you to make a decision on sending to leads that are highly likely to open and click your email campaign.

It works by analysing and assessing a number of things like whether the email belongs to an actual person or if its role based (Eg. customer-service@domain.com). We also look at the format of email address. For example, an email address such as skdshdshuv2837snv@domain.com looks far less likely to respond back to your campaign than something that looks like john.doe@domain.com.

These are just a few examples to help our customers understand how EV score works. The actual calculation of quality score is far more complicated and proprietary.

A higher EV score indicates a good quality email address while a lower score might potentially have higher spam or bounce rate issues. We recommend sending to lower EV with caution. The value itself is anywhere between 0 and 1.

Here are some recommendations for Transactional and Marketing Emails.


1.00-0.55 – Good
0.54-0.020 – Ok
0.19-0.00 – Poor


1.00-0.70 – Good
0.69-0.40 – Ok
0.39-0.00 – Poor

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