Parameter: disposable
Response: true | false

What is it?

Disposal Email Addressing (DEA) refers to providers who supply disposal email addresses to their customers. This helps people protect their real email addresses from getting abused with spammy content. It’s good for the customers who are making use of these services but not so good for email marketers who want to reach them.

Each disposal email address provider has specific time frames for shutting down a particular email address. Some allow their customers to use it for few minutes while others give them a couple of days. No matter what the timeframe, you are unlikely to reach your intended audience as email marketer.

This is where our services come in handy. We try to point out which email address belongs to a disposable email service provider. This way, you can reject a particular email address from being entered into your database or possibly even avoid sending an email which you know will likely end up getting bounced anyway.

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