Bad Addresses

Parameter: bad
Response: true | false

What is it?

Bad Addresses are a combination of a lot of things we watch for. We have a massive database of Spam Trap and Complainers email addresses. These addresses have been carefully sourced from most reliable sources, and they provide us with live updates on what is most likely a spam-trap or a complainer.

Sending to spam-trap is the worst nightmare for an email marketer. They are risking their domain, reputation, IP address, and more. Organisations record all these to catch illegitimate senders sending to these spam-trap email addresses. If you accidentally have some of these email addresses on your mailing list, you are most likely going to start ending up in spam box every time you send out an email. Worst case scenario includes active blocking where none of the emails originating from you would be accepted.

Thankfully, you got us. Our system carefully analyses each of your email addresses against millions of records we have available. We scan through each record and identify all possible spam-traps and complainers. We also look for signs of other variables we measure to ensure your mailing list is sparkling clean by the end of our comprehensive cleaning cycle.

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