Email Verification API

Our Email Verification Real-Time API is a simple JSON based REST Web Service that allows developers to verify individual email addresses on demand as a user enters them in a web form or mobile application. You can program applications such as form validations, subscriber signups and contact us forms with this easy-to-use API.

It is a simple HTTP POST request with these two parameter:

email: the email address that you want to verify
user_API_token: your email verifier account's API Token

You would need to input your API key for your Email Verifier App account into the verification request you are making.

Here is an example request:

Body Parameters:
user_API_token = [Your-API-Token]

Return Values:
status – Tells you the status of the email in query
domain – Tells you the domain of the email in query
free_email – Tells you whether the email in query belongs to free email service provider
disposable – Tells you whether the email in query belongs to temporary email service provider
typo_suggest – Tells you if the email in query has a typo and offers suggestion
role_address – Tells you if the email in query belongs to a role rather than a person
bad_address – Tells you if the email in query is in spamtrap, complainers or other databases
message – A more brief message regarding the initial status
email – Returns the email that this response was for

Example JSON Response:

 "status": "Valid",
 "domain": "",
 "free_email": true,
 "disposable": false,
 "typo_suggest": "None",
 "role_address": false,
 "bad_address": false,
 "message": "User exists!",
 "email": ""

Looking for email verification API Sample Codes? You should be able to find all major language sample codes including C, cURL, C#, GO, Java, Javascript, NodeJS, Objective-C, PHP, Python, Ruby, Shell and more.

Can’t find your API Token? See this article – Where can I find API Token? If you are running out of credit and need more credit for your API transactions, please refer to the article on adding API credit to your account. We allow all new accounts with 100 FREE API transactions to test if it fits their purpose.

Note: “user_API_token” is case sensitive. So API is really uppercase and the rest of it is lower case. Failure to do this might result in an error.